The Bakalikon Experience

Our philosophy

The Bakalikon Experience

The word Bakalikon [Ba-ká-li-kon] used to be the local grocery store in Greece. It was very popular, as it had the best and most fresh products, carefully picked for the customers. The owner knew each individual, providing exceptional services every single time. 
Today, we want our customers to have the 
Bakalikon experience bringing alive this Greek tradition. 

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Our philosophy
Image by Taylor Kiser

Our ethos is summarised in one word - Filotimo. Filotimo is translated as "friend of honour" and is considered the highest of all Greek virtues. Honour, pride, honesty, credibility, and acting towards the giving to society rather than receiving something back are some of the values that Filotimo elaborates, and are in Bakalikon's philosophy

We strive to support our clients' needs and improve our services daily, providing customer-centric services. After spending years of travelling around Greece, Bakalikon has brought artisanal products from Greek local producers

We see our customers as guests to our trip into exclusive Greek flavours and aromas.  Being a great host, we always seek to continuously challenge and develop our services in collaboration with our clients.

Our Location

Bakalikon is located 1.857 miles away from Greek landscapes, streets, beaches and people. Even though we have this distance, we are importing all of the Greek aromas and flavours and bring you back the memories you had or the ones you will have when you will go back to Greece!

This is the first online shop in Nottingham, specialising in providing Greek products to your door wherever you are in UK or worldwide!